We understand the challenges of operating in international markets and have spent years growing our presence and developing our relationships in previously difficult political climates.

Glonox transcends at providing innovative strategies to guide our client’s objectives. In these difficult economic times, we provide custom and powerful solutions for the challenges our clients face around the world. Above all, we are passionate and strong advocates, passionately committed to supporting our clients in reaching their goals. We coordinate fully into the client’s team and make ourselves available around the clock.

Asia Pacific






We go beyond offering advice in government and regulatory affairs, offering a nuanced understanding of each country’s unique political context.

Glonox recognizes the intersection of foreign affairs, public affairs, media and politics, Our experts possess this expertise and understands how to convey the right message to the appropriate audience in the most impactful way.


Glonox’s concept of shared value stands on overreaching a framework to guide thinking about the relationship between business and society. Our experts believe that capitalism itself can be reinvented around the pursuit of shared value to advance the economic and social conditions where a company operates while enhancing the company’s competitiveness. In an increasingly interconnected world, companies do best when they simultaneously pursue economic value creation while also addressing societal needs. The reinvention of capitalism is an approach that goes beyond social responsibility, focused on creating shared value and securing the social license to operate and has become a competitive imperative for the 21st century enterprise.


We develop strategies that enable clients to raise and preserve their positive profiles while establishing productive relationships. We work with our clients to: Assess your communications infrastructure.

  • Craft a strategic approach to reputation management
  • Create unique platforms that positively position their leaders and organization
  • Maximize the value of convening and other thought leadership efforts
  • Develop nuanced messaging and strategic communications plans
  • Manage crises


With insights into government policy, and on the ground experience in a range of business and political environments, ASG helps inform and guide strategic planning, assessing risks and evaluating opportunities. Glonox works with our clients to:

  • Analyze investment climates and develop market entry strategies
  • Identify and evaluate partners and conduct political due diligence
  • Achieve goals in commercial negotiations
  • Successfully navigate regulatory approval proceedings
  • Resolve complex disputes


If you require the skills and benefits of the most successful network in the world you are in the right place


In today’s highly linked global economy, businesses face countless threats of internal and external disruptions to business operations. Some risks can be planned for, monitored, and mitigated; but other high-impact, hard-to-predict events are occurring more often. When a company faces an unforeseen crisis, billions of dollars in market value can hang in the balance. Glonox provides tailored immediate response execution support along with analysis and counsel through dynamic situations. We manage immediate crises and formulate meticulous contingency plans to ensure that clients are prepared to deal with other developments. We can customize the type and level of support and guidance during a crisis to meet the client’s needs, from baseline to comprehensive support.